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NCGA Mixed Championship

12th NCGA Mixed Championship | Poppy Hills GC | October 28-29, 2016


2015 champions: Jim and Terry Knoll (Chardonnay), Scott and Mary Ann Taylor (Merlot) and Jim and Sasa Puchbauer (Zinfandel) (from top left clockwise)

First played in 2005, the NCGA Mixed Championship is a two-person handicap event for male/female NCGA members. It is contested in three flights divided by handicap index: President 0-11, Director 12-17 and Secretary 18 and above.  The event was traditionally held annually at Poppy Hills for the first seven years, before a change was made in 2012. In 2012, the event expanded to two separate championships played concurrently on Poppy Hills GC and Del Monte GC, with both fields playing 18 holes at each course. Going forward in 2013 there will be two mixed team championships, one held in the spring and another held in the fall.

ENTRIES CLOSE: October 2, 2016
ENTRY FEE: $280 per team
ELIGIBILITY: Open to any male/female team. No players under 18 years of age. Both players must be NCGA Members and have a current numeric handicap index on their club’s Master Report on the date of registration. Partners need not be members of the same club.
FORMAT:  The championship will be 36 holes of stroke play (18 holes per day) in a Mixed Chapman format. Play will be 60% of the lower course handicap and 40% of the higher course handicap.
FLIGHTS: The 56 teams will be divided into three flights for the championship.

2015 Recap



Past Champions

2005 President: Amy Preaseau and David Hemrick 72-65-137
2005 Director: Mark and Janet Nicholson 57-70-127
2005 Secretary: Stanley Robbins and Lynne Houghton 66-62-128
2006 President: Scott and Karen Louis
2006 Director: James Barnes and Liz Frome
2006 Secretary: Philip and Ann Barry 71-64-135
2007 President: Scott and Karen Louis 68-69-137
2007 Director: Clares and Elizabeth Kooiman 66-67-133
2007 Secretary: Artie Schleifer and Joyce Glatt 65-65-130
2008 President: Craig Baize and Karen Buchler 71-65-136
2008 Director: Jerry and Lynda Toenyes 67-61-128
2008 Secretary: Carl and Sandra Munio 63-64-127
2009 President: Terry Leach and Diana McInnis 68-70-138
2009 Director: Jerry and Lynda Toenyes 64-68-132
2009 Secretary: Steve and Denise Parvis 64-68-132
2010 President: Terry Leach and Diana McInnis 65-71-136
2010 Director: Mark and Linda Klemczak 65-63-128
2010 Secretary: Terry Wilson and Linda Stadler 68-66-134
2011 President: Rob and Kim Thompson 63-64-127
2011 Director: Jack Koski and Terri Hollmann 66-61-127
2011 Secretary: LaReine and George Smith 62-68-130
2012 (I) President: Kathryn and Bill Murphy 66-70-136
2012 (I) Director: Dewey and Pat Bankston 72-68-140
2012 (I) Secretary: Young and Connie Kim 69-68-137
2012 (II) President: Kris and Mike Handsaker 65-69-134
2012 (II) Director: Rick Lippincott and Maria Guarienti 68-67-135
2012 (II) Secretary: Daniel Wu and Janice Yoshimoto 61-65-126
2013 President: Amiee and Ron Gordon 67-70-137
2013 Director: Diana and John Greene 65-65-130
2013 Secretary: George Allen and Diana Volpini-Allen 69-66-135
2014 Chardonnay: Dorothy and Steve Donnelly 70-68-138
2014 Merlot: Terry and Jim Knoll 68-63-131
2014 Zinfandel: Amy and Jon Price 68-68-136
2015 Chardonnay: Terry and Jim Knoll 67-63-130
2015 Merlot: Mary Ann and Scott Taylor 67-67-134
2015 Zinfandel: Sasa and Jim Puchbauer 64-57-121