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Points Program

Six-time NCGA Player of the Year: Randy Haag

The NCGA Points Program has determined the Player of the Year since 1971. A senior Player of the Year award was added in 1995.

Former NCGA great Spencer Levin established a record in 2004, earning 2,770 points on the strength of California State Amateur and NCGA Amateur titles as well as low amateur honors at the U.S. Open. The senior record was established in 2013 by Sunnyvale ‘s Jim Knoll with 3,003 points. Burlingame’s Randy Haag has the distinction of holding the most Player of the Year Awards at six, with Casey Boyns next at four.

The NCGA Points Year is October 1 through Sept. 30 of the following year. All players begin each new points year at zero. The tournament finish date determines which year points will be awarded. Should an event change dates that would cause the event to be played twice in one points year then points will be awarded twice within that given year.

In order to earn NCGA Player Points, contestants must be amateur golfers who are current members of the club in good standing of the NCGA.  This includes being in compliance with the NCGA Handicap Certification Program. The USGA’s definition of an amateur golfer is the standard of the NCGA. Players must have a current numeric index listed on the master report prior to the start of the event. Anyone who has not established a current numeric index is ineligible for points. Players suspended from NCGA competitions are not eligible to earn points.

All points will be assigned by the NCGA ONLY based on the official results provided by the tournament.

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2014 Season

2014 NCGA Player of the Year Final Results 

2014 NCGA Senior Player of the Year Final Results

Trevor Clayton and Jim Knoll Players of the Year


2013 Season

2013 NCGA Player of the Year Final Results

2013 NCGA Senior Player of the Year Final Results

Geyer and Knoll Repeat as Players of the Year

2012 Season

2012 NCGA Player of the Year Final Results

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