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Verizon Wireless Discount

Special NCGA/Verizon Wireless Partnership Promotion

Thanks to our new partnership with Verizon Wireless, NCGA members can purchase equipment at discounted prices and receive discounts on personal lines of wireless service. Each new and existing line of service that registers for the discount counts toward the NCGA’s attainment tier and may result in increased discounts, so register today!

Member subscriber activations or registrations of existing Verizon Wireless lines must be processed via the link below. Existing Verizon customers will need to have all Verizon Wireless account information available to process the discount. Please follow the instructions (including not logging into your Verizon account) and understand that activation of the discount might take a billing cycle to occur. Discounts cannot be combined.

Program details:

Discounts on personal lines of wireless service

  • Existing Verizon Wireless customers must register via the NCGA members-only website
  • The minimum discount will be 12% but can increase based on the total number of members who take advantage of the discount
  • For legacy plans, voice plan must be $34.99 or higher. On Family share plans, credit is available on the primary line only.
  • For new Verizon customers choosing Share Everything Plans your NCGA member discount will apply to the data component only.
  • No expiration date; program is ongoing


The first screen you will encounter will ask you to set your location. DO NOT click on the existing customers’ link as it will take you to a page outside the NCGA’s discount verification with Verizon.

At the Verizon welcome page, if you are an existing customer, please click the “Existing Verizon Wireless Customers” button and follow the steps to conform the discount. DO NOT sign in to your Verizon account in the top left corner.

To get started, digitally sign the form below and agree to the terms. Thank you.