Supporting and promoting golf in Northern California

Board of Directors


Lee Gidney, President

Hometown: Vacaville
Home Course: Cypress Lakes Club
Joined NCGA Board: 2006
Family: Wife Karen, daughter Beth and son Brian
Favorite golf memory: Teeing off at the Old Course with three of my closest friends.

John Ronca, Vice President

Hometown: San Luis Obispo
Home Course: San Luis Obispo CC
Joined NCGA Board: 2006
Family: Wife Tracy and daughters Stephanie and Rachel
Favorite golf memory: My playing in and winning the 2011 Straight Down Fall Classic Pro Am teamed with Larry Mize and Jim Lehman, and my good friends Gerry Shea and Don Oberhelman.

Pat Quinn, Secretary/Treasurer

Hometown: San Jose
Home Course: San Jose CC, Spyglass Hill
College: San Jose State  (BA)
Joined NCGA Board: 2009
Family: Wife Susan and daughters Courtney and Kelly.
Best part of being an NCGA board member: Deriving inspiration from the dedicated staff who strive everyday to make golf in Northern California enjoyable and accessible for everyone.
Favorite golf memory: Playing with my Father and our pals on the Gang of Eight trips. Aye!


Brian Morse, Immediate Past President

Hometown: Merced
Home Course: Merced
College: Gonzaga University (Political Science – 1971); JD – University of West Los Angeles, 1977
Joined NCGA Board: 2004
Family: Wife Beverly, son Matthew, and daughter Rachelle
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Working with the other directors and staff who are all absolutely fantastic people.
Favorite Golf Memory: Playing in the Oldsmobile Scramble and qualifying for the finals in Orlando, Fl.


Stacey Baba

Hometown: Saratoga
Home Course: EWGA of SF Bay Area
College: University of California, Berkeley (BS) and San Jose State University, (MS)
Joined NCGA Board: 2014
Family: Husband Jim Vokac
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Working and learning from the other directors and volunteers who share my passion for the game and the incredible and dedicated professional staff.
Favorite golf memory: Getting a hole-in-one during an NCGA Associate Club Qualifier at Palo Alto Muni in 2004 and playing with Karrie Webb at the Canadian Women’s Open in 2012.

Brad Bell

Hometown: Sacramento
Home Course: Del Paso CC
College: UCLA
Joined NCGA Board: 2013
Family: Wife Shannon, sons Connor and Riley
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Having an opportunity to give something back to the game that has given me so much.
Favorite golf memory:  The first time that my son Connor beat me straight up and knowing that I had played well!


Tom Bone

Hometown: Gold River
Home Course: North Ridge
Joined NCGA Board: 2010
Family: Wife Carol, daughters Tracy and Haley
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Working with the Board and our excellent staff, to grow and preserve a game that I love,  and to enable kids and adults to learn all that golf can teach.
Favorite golf memory: The first and last rounds of golf with my Dad who first introduced me to this great game when I was 8 years old, playing The Old Course with my golf buddies from work, late Sunday afternoon rounds with my wife, and golf every weekend with my best friends at North Ridge.

Tom Carter

Hometown: Danville
Home Club: eClub East bay
College: Willamette University, BS-Economics
Joined NCGA Board: 2011
Family: Wife Alice, son Nick and daughters Krissy, Kim and Talie
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Being a part of preserving amateur golf for our youth and future generations and promoting the life lessons it provides.
Favorite golf memory: Watching my kids dive for golf balls after practicing my flop shots in my father-in-law’s pool.

John Dodsworth

Hometown: Los Altos
Home Club: Palo Alto Hills CC
College: University of San Francisco
Joined NCGA Board: 2013
Family: wife Sherie, sons Steve and Tom
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Working with best state golf association in the country to provide great golf opportunities for our members.
Favorite golf memory: Sitting on the porch at Bandon Dunes after a good round, with friends, wine and a cigar. Life does not get better than that.


Gary Fox

Hometown: Ripon
Home Course: Spring Creek GCC
Joined NCGA Board: 2014
Family: Wife Darlene, Children Nathan and Melanie, Granddaughter Hailey
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Promoting amateur golf with facilities and tournaments. Helping our junior golfers develop skills and learn valuable life lessons.
Favorite golf memory: Competing against the Brits in our Ripon Cup sister cities competitions. Watching Hailey take her first whacks at the ball. Playing Pebble with my son.

Bob Goldstein

Hometown: Orinda
Home Course: Sequoyah CC
College: Hobart College
Joined NCGA Board: 2013
Family: Wife Christine, daughter Jessica and son Noah
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Being part of an organization that provides unparalleled opportunities to introduce and expose the game to junior golfers as well as teaching them important values that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.
Favorite Golf Memory: Making a hole-in-one on a 235 yard par 3 witnessed by my daughter whose young eyes could actually see the ball disappear into the cup!


Samuel A. Gross

Hometown: Danville
Home Course: Crow Canyon CC
College: DeVry University of Technology
Joined NCGA Board: 2015
Family: Spouse Diane, son Chad and daughter Jennifer
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Learning from great leaders, interaction with staff and officials, and increasing awareness of the NCGA by reaching out to our member clubs and members.
Favorite Golf Memory: Double Eagle on #15 at Wente Vineyards playing with my uncle who was 82 and shot his age.


Susan S. Morse

Hometown: San Francisco
Home Course: The Olympic Club
College:Wharton Graduate School (MBA), Tufts University (BA)
Joined NCGA Board: 2014
Family: Husband Frank, sons Gregory and Eric, daughter-in-law Kate
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Working with staff, our wonderful volunteers and fellow Board members to grow the game of golf for those at all levels and ages.
Favorite golf memory: Playing The Olympic Club’s beautiful Cliffs Course every Christmas Eve with my husband and children.

Michael O’Donnell

Hometown: Lafayette
Home Course: The Olympic Club
College: University of California, Berkeley
Joined NCGA Board: 2013
Family: Wife Kathryn, sons Brendan, Julian and Michael, and daughter Audrey
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Exploring creative ways to grow the game of golf and attract new golfers of all ages
Favorite Golf Memory: Taking my four kids to the final round of the 2012 US Open at Olympic, on Father’s Day!


David Pearson

Hometown: Visalia
Home Course: Visalia CC
College: UCLA
Joined NCGA Board: 2015
Family: Wife Susan, daughters Rhonda,Sheryl and Amy, son Michael
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Interacting with the staff and other volunteers who also love golf and want to give back to the game. Better understanding the many services the NCGA offers to members and amateur golf.
Favorite Golf Memory: Seeing the expression on my youngest daughter’s face at age 6, when she said “just hit it in the hole” as I was about to make a 140 yard shot and it went in. Shooting 64 when I was 65.

Gail Rogers

Hometown: Santa Cruz
Home Course: Pasatiempo
College: Lesley College, Cambridge, MA
Joined NCGA Board: 2011
Family: Husband Ken and children Ezra, David, Diane and Julie
Best part of being an NCGA board member: The NCGA is an organization with a rich history.  I enjoy sharing the respect that I have for our past and current champions while promoting that there is a place within the NCGA for each member to enjoy and find personal success regardless of handicap or skill set.
Favorite golf memory: At the Curtis Cup at St. Andrews the R&A graciously gave the USGA’s Women’s Committee and the Ladies Golf Union access to the R&A clubhouse for the week.  Being amongst those historic paintings and trophies in that amazing setting is truly memorable. It was only the second time in history women had access like that to the clubhouse.

Michael Weeks

Hometown: San Luis Obispo
Home Course: Dairy Creek GC
College: North Texas State (MBA); Oklahoma State (BS)
Joined NCGA Board: 2012
Family: Wife Jean
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Assisting players and working with our incredible volunteers
Favorite golf memory: Making a birdie on 18 at the Old Course


Richard Wise

Hometown: Granite Bay
Home Course: Granite Bay GC
CollegeUniversity of Southern California (BS), (MBT), (JD)
Joined NCGA Board: 2015
Family: Wife Barbara, daughter Kathryn, son Bryan
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Having the opportunity to give back to the game I love.
Favorite golf memory: Watching my son and his high school golf team win the California High School State Championship.

Paul Yost

Hometown: Hanford
Home Course: Kings Country Club
College: Southern California College of Optometry
Joined NCGA Board: 2011
Family: Wife Sheri, daughters Melinda and Rebecca
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Having the opportunity to work with dedicated volunteers for the benefit and further enjoyment of golf.
Favorite golf memory: My uncle and I winning his member-guest invitational four consecutive years.